Most popular on Twitter, quick search best tweets and analysis

Hello everybody! Today I will talk about ways of how to find the most popular tweets on Twitter, how to analyze and to compare accounts by a variety of parameters.

Main areas for using Twitter

Twitter is a quite unique social network, whose format assumes the shortest and the quickest way to share news and ideas. That is why the information resources, companies and services are particularly active in developing of their profiles. And for the beginning, what is the most suitable for Twitter?

  • It is convenient to follow the news of various companies (e.g. nasa, microsoft, applenws. By the way, note the differences of the accounts maintance);
  • There is the ability to create the lists of the read accounts, the lists “to postpone the reading for later ” – to add to Favorites, to search for news by hashtags (# onephraseinoneword);
  • It is convenient to follow the personal lives of famous and not so famous people (Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Jennifer Lopez);
  • SEO experts use tweets with benefits to make indexing faster and to increase site positions;
  • It is used to advertise in the accounts;
  • Craftsmen even receive orders, using Twitter.

These are the main areas where Twitter is used.
The average frequency of publication in Twitter is quite high (of course it depends on the type of account and owner). It is so much time-consuming to keep track of the best tweets and to analyze accounts manually. But this deal is very useful, and farther I will tell why.

Recently the support for this social network was added in the tool.

How to find most popular on Twitter – best tweets

Go to the and select the social network Twitter at the top left, authorize yourself in your profile, confirm access to the tool and here you can start.

Popsters main interface - work with Twitter

Adding needed any accounts (and you can load multiple) you will be able to:

  • sort publications by number of addings to bookmarks, retweets, ER (a measure of followers engagement). By the way, you will see in the article about statistics on Instagram that this rate is much higher on Instagram than on Twitter. The biggest from most popular social networks;
  • filter by publication type: only photos, videos, or text (now the text is not being selected correctly);
  • add your favorite posts in Favorites and sort them by groups;
  • create your own collections of accounts to load them in one click;
  • select the most popular publications from several loaded accounts (in block LOADED GROUPS by clicking on the eye);
  • upload only for a specific period of time (the efficiency and the relevance are especially important on Twitter).

In this way you can see what attracted the greatest attention of subscribers for a certain period in accounts, which are interesting for you. Futher you will be able to use this material both for your own needs and for analysis. I will tell about this later.

Here is a screencast about the work in application for better visibility:

The most popular on Twitter, quick search best tweets

Analysis of any pages on Twitter

Here is an immediate question. Why it might be necessary?
Firstly, you can analyze your competitors and look for things which attract the most attention right now. This is much useful for operational adjustments of the content plan.
Secondly, if you are advertising you will be able to analyze how much is the advertising account audience active and what days and time are better for publishing of promotional tweets.
Here you can see the data that can be seen in Popsters tool in section “Charts”:

Days of week

Twitter accounts statistics by days of week

This article may be interesting too:

How to find the most liked Tweets and Retweets on any Twitter profile.


Time of day

Twitter accounts statistics by time of day


Twitter accounts stats by likes

Er (engagement rate)

Twitter accounts statistics by Er


Twitter accounts stats by hashtags - Er

ER post by type of content

Twitter accounts statistics by Er post by type of content

Relative activity by type of hashtags

Twitter accounts stats by relative activity by type of hashtags

And more than 12 others useful metrics.

Attention. While loading groups for comparison, download the Tweets for the same period. In this case the indicators will be accurate. For example, in these accounts I’ve downloaded tweets for 150 days. Basing on these data the medium activity by day of the week is taken.

As we see, Jennifer Lopez has the highest activity on saturday around 06:30 am (in my time zone). So you can place your advertisement at this time (for example). And on friday JLO has the minimum activity at the same time. Her audience is busy with other things.
According to such parameters as bookmarks (Favorites on Twitter) and Retweets you can understand how much interesting is the information which an account holder publishes, and his/ hers level of influence on the audience as well as.

ER — an indicator of the engagement of the audience. That is about % of subscribers that interact with posts (makes retweets, adds to Favorites or to the blacklist – that is a joke)). In this table you will find all the main indicators of the account in compact form.

Search popular tweets on Twitter, method 2

Is there another way to search popular tweets on Twitter. But it gives us fewer opportunities. The Ruzzit tool (currently unavailable) is not bad for showing popular tweets for various periods. It does not have special settings. But this does not prevent it to be useful if you want to see the overall picture.

Search popular things on Twitter with Ruzzit
From this moment it will be much easier for you to find the most popular on Twitter, to analyze and to compare any accounts. And as an option it will help you to select high-quality profiles and the optimal time for advertising.


Here it is such a comprehensively useful Twitter. Anyway, the analysis of the big number of Instagram and Twitter accounts on similar topics and the number of subscribers, in almost all cases shows that the ER (engagement rate) on Instagram is much higher than on Twitter. How do you think why that is so?
Please write your answers in comments.

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