How to find the most liked Tweets and Retweets on any Twitter profile

Twitter is a special Social network and one of the most popular platforms for SMM. Today you will learn the best ways to find the most liked tweets on Twitter, to analyze and to compare any profiles. Also here you will find many other useful things.

In this article, you will learn:

  • How Twitter is used;
  • How to find the most liked tweets on Twitter on any profile;
  • How to compare any Twitter profiles graphically;
  • How to find the most retweeted tweets quickly;
  • See a selection of the most liked and retweeted tweets.

Using Twitter

Twitter is pretty unique social network, the format of which assumes the shortest and the most efficient way to share news and thoughts. Therefore, all over the world, information resources, companies and services are actively developing their profiles. First, let’s figure it out what is Twitter the best for?

  • It is convenient to follow the news of companies (for example, applenws, microsoft. By the way, pay attention to the differences in account managing);
  • It is possible to create reading lists, “to postpone the reading for later” – to add to favorites, to search news by hashtags (#happy_news);
  • To follow personal lives of famous and not very famous people (Bill Gates, Jennifer Lopez ect.);
  • Internet marketers use tweets to make indexing of the pages faster and increase traffic;
  • There is the opportunity to place ads in accounts;
  • Craftsmen even get orders 😉.

These are the main directions for which Twitter is used.

On average (of course depending on the type of account and owner), the frequency of posts publishing on Twitter is quite high. Tracking the most popular and analyzing accounts manually is too time-consuming task. But this is very useful deal. And soon I will tell you why. A couple of years ago, Popsters got support for this social network. Useful functionality was gradually added. But first things first.

Find the most liked Tweets

We go into tool Popsters, at the top left, select the Social network Twitter, log in to your profile, and confirm the application access and you can start.

Easy way how to find most liked Tweets

Adding the required profiles (you can upload up to ten), you can:

  • Sort publications by the number of bookmarking, by retweets, by ER (the indicator of subscriber engagement). By the way, in the article about statistics on Instagram, you will see that this indicator is much higher in it. It is the highest among popular Social networks;
  • Filter by post type: only photo, video, or specific text;
  • Add favorite posts to Favorites and sort them by groups;
  • Select the most liked tweets simultaneously for several loaded accounts (in the UPLOADED GROUPS block by clicking on the eye 😉);
  • Ability to download only for a certain period (on Twitter, where efficiency and relevance are important – this is especially needed);
  • Simultaneously compare several profiles graphically (more than 25 metrics);
  • Global search for viral posts in all accounts by phrase, hashtag or word;
  • Upload flexible reports in popular formats.

How to find the most retweeted Tweets

Everything is extremely simple here, after loading the required profiles (as described at the beginning of the previous paragraph), select this checkbox and sort it in both orders (from larger to smaller or vice versa by clicking on the same button). To find the most retweeted tweets all filters can also be applied in any combination.

A quick way to find the tweets with the most retweets

This way, you can see what attracted the most subscriber attention over a certain period in the accounts that interest you. Further, you can use this material, both for your needs and for analysis. More on this later.

Method 2. By finding the most liked Tweets

There is another way how to find most liked tweets on Twitter. But with fewer opportunities. This is not bad tool that shows the most liked/retweeted tweets from many accounts. There are only basic settings. But this does not prevent it to be useful.

Another method how to find an accounts most popular tweets

Click on the button which say’s “Sort tweets by…” and Select “Favourites (high to low)”.

This method works for any public Twitter profile for up to 3200 tweets. Using it will make it easier to find most liked tweets.


Analysis of Twitter accounts in graphical form

Just a question. Why might this be necessary?

First, you can analyze your competitors and see what is currently attracting the most attention. This is useful for adjusting the content plan quickly.

Secondly, if you advertise, then you can analyze how active the audience of an advertising account is and what days and times it is better to publish an advertising tweet. And of course, find out what kind of content the audience prefers and learn how to adapt your post.

This data (and 20 other metrics) can be seen in Popsters in the “Charts” section:

Tweets by days of week

The average relative activity of one average post in one or another day of the week.

Tweets by time of day

The average relative activity of one average post in one or another hour of the day.

Tweets ERpost by days week

The average ERpost of one average post with text certain length published in one or another day of the week. ER is an indicator of audience engagement. It reflect the % of subscribers interact with posts (retweets, adds to favorites).

Relative activity of tweets by type hashtags

The average relative activity of posts with a certain hashtag.

Attention. When uploading groups for comparison, you need to upload tweets for the same period. This will make the readings accurate. For example, in these accounts, I uploaded tweets for 30 days. Based on these data, the average activity is taken by days of the week of the time of day. As you can see, Richard Branson’s subscribers is most active on Tuesday around 02:00 am (+3 gmt). You can place advertisements at this time. In this case, there will be more chances to create a tweet that can get into the collection to most retweeted tweets. And at the same time, Elon Musk’s activity is minimal. His audience is busy at this time 😉

By such parameters as “Bookmarks” (Favorites on Twitter) and Retweets, you can understand how much interesting information the account owner publishes, as well as his level of influence on the audience.

Now it will be easier for you to analyze and compare accounts. And as an option, select profiles and ad placement times.

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Selection of the most liked Tweets

Here are the most retweeted and funniest tweets that I like more than others. I hope you will like them too 😉 The order is arbitrary.


Funny tweet with a dog


2) For this time these lucky guys are on the list of the most retweeted tweets from Oscar night.

Top liked tweet from the Oscar


One of the most liked tweets with Barack Obama


Popular and hilarious tweet


Barack Obama's one of the most retweeted tweets

Tweets that will get many retweets can be created in different ways, and hopefully this list most retweeted tweets will give you some ideas of how to create your own viral tweets.

Here’s an even bigger selection of the most liked tweets.


This is such a comprehensively useful Twitter. In this article, you learned how to quickly find the most liked and retweeted Tweets on Twitter. But still, when analyzing many Instagram and Twitter accounts, for similar topics and the number of subscribers, in almost all cases, the ER (engagement) indicator on Instagram is much higher. How do you think why this is so?

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