The Future of AI-Generated Video, How to Adapt

I watched the AI-generated videos of the creators who were given access to SORA (I attach my favorite, about the guy with the air head).

A few thoughts.

Today’s trends and the future of AI content generation

We are already living in conditions of the wildest information overload, when the volume of available content far exceeds our capacity to consume it. With the development of the generative, this gap will only grow. When the creation of high-quality AI-generated video (in a couple of months) becomes available literally “at your fingertips”, we will drown in an ocean of content.

In these conditions, the problem of filtering and curation will come to the fore. The main deficit will be the attention of the audience and navigation in this ocean of content. The role of recommendation algorithms, personalization, smart search engines, and curators will increase, which will help you find really valuable and relevant content. This will be part of a future AI video.

Subscribing to curated collections of content can become more valuable than subscribing to the content itself.

In addition, I often say this (but I won’t stop!), in a world of overabundance of content noise, the ability to tell stories, create unique worlds, concepts, universes that will attract and retain an audience will become even more important. Companies and authors will compete not just with content, but with a holistic experience, a community, a world into which you can immerse yourself.

The main competitive advantage will not be the form, but the content, idea and context. This is an important part for a successful future of AI video and any type of content. Human traits will come to the fore – emotionality, vulnerability, imperfection, humor, sincerity. The more perfect the generative content is, the more we will appreciate the “real” content created by real people.

sora openai new videos generated by sora 😱 demo samples 2024

New examples of Sora capabilities. AI-Generated Videos.

How to be prepared for this?

  1. Develop storytelling, creativity, and concept skills.
  2. Focus on humanity. Authenticity, emotional honesty, humor, self-irony – all this will remain our competitive advantage.
  3. Invest in your personal brand and reputation. In a world where content is generated on demand, people will rely on authority, expertise, and trusted names.
  4. And of course there will be more neuro-influencers, music, 3D, increased demand for ML specialists and neuro-designers, integration into business, the dominance of neuro-infogypsies and other interesting things. Here I already thought that you would get tired of reading.

Video by Sora AI, guy with the air head, enjoy watching 😉

air head · Made by shy kids with Sora

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Thanks to Alexander Dobrokotov for his thoughts.

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  1. Jack

    Wow! The possibilities are certainly surprising. But so far people are doing much better).

    1. Ilya Protasov

      Yeah, internet technology has gotten particularly fast)

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