Klout Alternatives: Free and Paid tools to measure Online Influence

Social ratings of users are needed by B2B and B2C companies like air. This is a fairly effective marketing method. In fact, if you dig deeper, these ratings are needed by the “rated” companies as well. The benefit is obvious – influential users get bonuses and discounts from brands in exchange for distributing information through their networks.

The Klout tool is no longer available. But the need for analysis and measure Social Media Influence is still exists, I suggest comparing the best Klout alternatives. Unfortunately, there are not so many good tools like Klout which provide opportunities for identifying the opinion leaders.

But still, how to choose a tool?

First, decide: you want to calculate the rating and analyze a large sample or to identify and understand people who influence the topic, product you are interested in or market in general. When you know the answer to this question, you are able to choose the tool.

Well, let’s get started!

Best tools to measure online influence



PeerIndex interface

This tool is designed to calculate your influence. Based on the analysis of Social media, first of all Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, it determines the size of the “social capital” or the influence of the company, professional, publication, etc.

After enough complicated attempts to study all the details of the application, I came to the conclusion that PeerIndex, Klout and Kred use very similar ranking systems. And all of them can be useful for measure online influence.

So here I will list PeerIndex’s main qualities, which should be noted:

  • the content you create and the people who consume and react to it will determine your PeerIndex;
  • factors of various social networks are measured, evaluated, and then the score is displayed;
  • PeerIndex explores the quality and your temps of sharing the information;
  • It takes into account the type of content you are sharing and looking with favor on (by reposting, retweeting, liking etc.);
  • PeerIndex is more focused on the company rather than the individual (unlike Klout);
  • PeerIndex uses a reward system. The higher rating you have, the more rewards you receive (mainly products from other companies).

This makes me believe that finding influential users and revising their products is the main goal of PeerIndex. So you can use it as an alternative to Klout. Although this is not a bad or unreliable website, it’s a little misleading. The other two have a reward system, but not so great or heavily advertised as PeerIndex.

Next comes a series of:

Cross-platform tools that are good alternatives to Klout



Good alternative to Klout - Popters tool

I must say that this is one of the most convenient tool for analyzing the content of communities of various social networks. This tool has much more functionality for the analysis of any accounts in social networks than Klout. Therefore, you can partially use it as an alternative to Klout.
It examines all the sorts of the accounts – both yours and other users’. It works with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Coub, Google+, Flickr, Tumblr, Telegram, Vk, etc. You can find the most popular and commented publications, find out the audience involvement (ER/day, ER/ post) in a couple of clicks, as well as other useful statistics.

Its features in brief:

  • Displaying general indicators of the impact of content when analyzing any Social media account;
  • Sorting posts by likes, reposts, comments, ER (engagement rate / involvement). In such a way you can find the most popular and commented content;
  • Using this tool, you can increase your online influence;
  • Ability to filter content by type (photo, video, text – you can by phrase or word);
  • Ability to create your own selection of pages for downloading in one click – Favorites;
  • Finding the best content for phrases, hashtags, in social networks in general, using filters by type and sorting;
  • Ability to determine a period for analysis or downloading publications;
  • Mass of useful statistics in a graphical form (soon the monitoring of indicators will appear as well);
  • Export data to XLSX. PPTX, PDF.


Zoho Social


Zoho Social - main menu

Zoho Social is a tool for implementing the most effective marketing ideas in social networks (it’s the alternative to Hootsuite, YouScan, etc. , but also a good Klout alternative). It will help to increase activity in social channels with the help of messages that plan the schedule for publishing content and will target marketing campaigns to the right audience.

It is able to monitor Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn for the mentioning companies and their products. In addition, it allows you to jointly create content for social networks and post messages centrally (including setting the optimal publication time). The system also provides an analytics of your followers and of your social activities success. The tool can be used from a smartphone (iOS or Android). There is a free version – for one brand and 2 social networks (Facebook and Twitter), and paid starts from $ 10 / month.

  • SmartQ technology allows to plan your posts;
  • The content can be worked out right here;
  • Here is the ability to include brands with references;
  • It can track any phrases in the networks and find the necessary messages;
  • Supports the activity tapes, notifications;
  • It works with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+;
  • Shortcuts the links;
  • User reports, content semantic analysis, etc are available.


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Sprout Social


Interface of Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the best tools for managing social media. And of course, due to its functionality it can be used as an alternative to Klout.

Regardless of whether you work in a small business with a focus on several Social media channels, or in an agency that manages a variety of brands, or in a company that needs all of the above, Sprout Social will provide you with the opportunity to save time significantly and complete your daily tasks in social media.

With Sprout Social you can…

  • Create a schedule of publications in social media;
  • Generate reports on engagement;
  • Provide analytics;
  • Publicate on the social network;
  • Monitor brands.

Price variation: free 30-day testing; then $ 99, $ 149, or $ 249 per month.




Getstacker tool can help to measure Social Media influence

Getstacker tool allows to work across several Social media accounts (to publish and to reply) at the same time.

It’s not a secret to anybody that social media promotion depends very much on the time of sharing the content. Getstacker is great helper for the businesses in reaching the audience at the right time of the day.


  • Make a schedule to make publications at the best times during the day on different social networks (Universal inbox and Auto-scheduling enable to assign publishing times for each publication);
  • Respond to users who write on your wall, reply or mention you. It will share your post as clickable and will direct that visitor to your website (a substitute to Hootsuite);
  • Find and invite co-workers to help you to work out your social accounts;
  • Easily boost your social engagement in the auto pilot mode (therefore can be used as an alternative to Klout);
  • Analyze detailed statistics on the content you publish and your followers activity.

Beside this many other tools share your post as a text, short URL and an image post only, there is no direct redirection on the shared image.

Getstacker is available in two versions paid and free. If you prefer to try free version then you will have to remember that it is suitable just for beginners and include only 3 social profile: Twitter, Facebook Profiles, Pages. And further. It is available for Android and extensions for major browsers.




Commun tool an easy Klout alternative

If you are heavy Twitter user and looking for an effective method to schedule posts, manage followers or followed people, and uncover social insights through a dashboard then this tool is for you. Other social networks are supported here too, but the platform is still focused on tweeting.

Wants to know main features?

  • It cover Facebook (profiles and pages), Instagram (coming), Pinterest (coming), and Twitter;
  • It has team functionality and content discovery;
  • Can help with analytics;
  • Uploads bulk images;
  • Will repeat or recycle your posts;
  • Will calculate an optimal posting schedule.

Pricing: $19.99-$117.99 per month.

Thereby use it if Twitter is your main social network you are going to work with.




Socialbakers help to measure your Social Media influence

This creature monitors the involvement and other indicators on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube. This tool can be used as a partial Klout alternative. It tracks metrics not only for content on a page, but also for ads. Includes tools for posting and moderation.

What it can do?

  • It collects analytics on networking, then forms many and many graphs with this information;
  • Allows you to create posts for publication in any social networks at any time
  • Tracks statistics on your publications;
  • Has a convenient personal cabinet, where 3 tabs: a panel with graphs that can be moved, deleted and added, a section with more specific analytics (posts, news feed, each social network separately and a tool for publications);
  • Tracks the effectiveness of advertising posts on Facebook. You can see the organic and paid coverage, compare the effectiveness of different techniques;
  • Can run ads directly from the personal cabinet for posts which were not advanced yet;
  • Works with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Pinterest.

It turns out that it combined in itself a part of functions of Popsters/Jagajam (Analytics) and Publbox (posting).

And what about minuses? You won’t find here Vk. And here is no brand tone. But you can try this tool like Klout alternative, it seems to work well.




Socialmention tool main menu

It’s a simple free tool to search for a brand references in Social networks in real time.

Briefly. It:

  • Searches among the services of blogs, microblogs, bookmarks, images, videos and questions;
  • It is an aggregate tool. It is similar to Google alerts, but works with social networks only;
  • It will give you an idea not only about what is said about the brand from the Web, but also who speaks and with what mood;
  • You can install an RSS feed, email alerts, or even add a widget to a real-time site;
  • You can also download the file in CSV/EXCEL format for further evaluation.




Talkwalker is one of ways to measure online influence


Talkwalker is primarily an analytical tool for monitoring Social media, which helps the user to find references in the network.

  • the alert function can be configured (on the principle of Google alerts);
  • It provides an in-depth view of certain search queries by building complex metrics in a simple way;
  • It offers powerful and flexible dashboards, interfaces and reports with complex filters, plus suggests useful ideas;
  • Tracks blogs and forums;
  • Analyses demographic data;
  • Has many filters;
  • It has access to historical data for 2 years.


Generally, the functionality of these tools does not intersect. Both of them have unique, useful features (some tools have more functionality than Klout). You can choose one or two tools as an alternative to Klout for measure online influence. And I am sure that thanks to them, you will have the complete picture of your impact on the audience (or analysis of the impact of your competitor).

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