How to use hashtags on Instagram – The useful guide for Growth

Hello everyone! Today I am going to tell and show you how to put a hashtag on Instagram. Hashtags can significantly raise your position in case you use them wisely.

Here’s the rundown on:

  • What is a hashtag on Instagram?
  • How to create Hashtags on Instagram?
  • What do I need to know when creating hashtags on Instagram?
  • How many tags can be used on Instagram?
  • Searching for hashtags on Instagram;
  • How to use hashtags on Instagram to get more likes?

But I will start from the very beginning. What are the hashtags on Instagram? How do hashtags work on Instagram? What are they needed for? And how to use them in posts correctly? I believe that without understanding of the nature of their work, there is no sense to use them at all.

What is a hashtag on Instagram?

# Hashtag is a word-label, which helps to group posts in social networks. This creates additional convenient navigation for users. More precisely, users determine possible categories for their publications by themselves.
On Instagram photos are grouped by such labels. You can find a photo on a certain topic, place, event and other using them.

Sometimes you follow such interesting tags and find lots of exciting information, people and beautiful photos.
As I’m a traveler, I often look through places marked by people with hashtags on their. From time to time I contact and get acquainted with these interesting guys, I ask them about the place, the city, where to go, what to see, etc. And I use Instagram for such aims.

Hashtag on Instagram
Sorting by hashtags is an indispensable function, but in these latter days very often it is used not for its intended purpose, but to cheat the likes, subscribers and promote someone’s accounts. This leads to oversampling by photos which have no relation to the desired words-tags at all.

It will be very effective if you have your own hashtag. With the lapse of time it will become your personal brand, your business tag. And usually that works good and helps to reach more people. And to have the best results use it on every publication. Also you can use it on other social networks as well. The more publications are tagged with one hashag, the more chances that it will be used by people.

Despite the fact that hashtags are used for all Instagram, and they are seen by other users who are not subscribed to you, they are needed to sort personal content at the same time. Due to the unique words in the tag, you can sort all your photos by different topics on Instagram. If nobody uses such hashtags, then they will be unique.

How to create Hashtags on Instagram?

Here everything is simple, but although there are some features.
To create a hashtag on Instagram on the phone or computer, you need to put the “#” symbol just before the word and this word will automatically become a link. When you click on it, a search will open all the photos, where this hashtag was used in descriptions or comment.

What do I need to know when creating hashtags on Instagram?

  1. You can put hashtags in any part of the text and in the comments. Usually individual words in the text are replaced by them, or they are written in the order through a space at the end of the text or in a separate comment.
  2. The tag can be written in both Russian and English languages, and also contain numbers.
  3. It can have both capital and uppercase letters. For example: #analyze and # Analyze – this is the same hashtag.
  4. If you change at least one letter or symbol in it, it will already be another hashtag. For example: #car and #cars are different tags.
  5. It cannot contain spaces. To write a hashtag which contain several words, either write them together, or separate them with the lower underscore “_”. For example: #bestanalytics or #best_analytics.
  6. Instagram remembers all the hashtags you entered earlier, after you enter the grid and the first letter, a list of all words will drop out. Also, if you enter “#” and the first letters, the search of Instagram automatically shows you the list of tags. Just be careful, because there are often shown phrases with errors.
    Instagram remembers the hashtag, and the next time you put the grid and enter the first letter, it will offer you a ready-made word.

How many tags can be used on Instagram?

The maximum number of hashtags which can be used in one publication is 30 pieces. If you put more, none of them will be written.
The studies showed that posts with 11 or more hashtags have better engagement rate (average 21 % more interaction per 1k followers). Hashtags which you use are your outlets, your connection with the world of social networks and its users. So when you have 30 hashtags you have 30 outlets.

Otherwise your posts will be seen only by you current followers and there will be very small chances to be thrown onto the explore page.
Many of you will think that big number of hashtags can look spammy 😉

Too many Instagram hashtags

How to hashtag on Instagram without it showing

You can make them invisible (hide hashtags). You just have to precede them with five periods or dashes, each one on a line by itself. But remember not to leave space after the period because it will not work. Put hashtags in your first comment and insert five dots  (• • • • •) before the hashtags. Your hashtags will be seen only in case if somebody opens the comments to read. Others will see […] after your name in the photo stream.

Searching for hashtags on Instagram

Now the search on Instagram is implemented very conveniently, you can search for 4 categories:

  1. The best;
  2. People;
  3. Tags;
  4. Places.

To find photos by a certain label word, go to the application, click on the search icon “magnifying glass”, then click on the text entry line and select the “Tags” tab.

You can also use the tool. It will help to find the best and most commented publications on the Instagram in any accounts, and in all the Instagrams for any hashtags. As well as other opportunities to analyze the involvement of the audience from the use of different hashtags (button “Select All” on the left side under “Statistics” ).

Searching for hashtags on Instagram and watch hashtag analytics

The interface of the tool.

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How to use hashtags on Instagram to get more likes?

One of these days I read one interesting article in which the guy told how he promotes his posts with the help of hashtag. So, his own idea of how to use hashtags on Instagram to get more likes and it is a complete tin. First he publishes a photo on Instagram with one list of hashtags, in a few minutes removes this set, and writes another one in the commentary, then again deletes and writes back the first variant.

This is some kind of perversion! I do not understand why he bother so much. Hashtags need to be used, but they do not play the main role, they are only an auxiliary element.
Use more hashtags that are relevant to your niche. This will help your publications to reach people who are searching for things you’re posting.

Stop using the most popular hashtags like awesome, super etc. I don’t see the point at all in using them as all the popular tags that we usually put live only for a few minutes. If you go through them an hour after publication, then you will not find your photo, it will fly far down the feed, and no one will see it.

Create a business tag for your brand. if you use unique labels to group your posts, nobody will notice them in the heap of others. The more your publications are tagged with one hashag, the more chances that it will be used by other people. Soon you will be able to learn who are your fans and you can use this information to make some decisions.


It does not matter when you put your hashtags to your posts. Your publication will appear in hashtag feed only at its original posting time, not the time the hashtag was written.
Your hashtags will magically work much better if you’re posting awesome visuals! Take good care of the quality of the content and photos, put appropriate tags for the meaning, work for people.
Therefore, I recommend:

  1. To make high-quality photos and description;
  2. To use your own unique tags which will divide your posts into different topics;
  3. Do not add a bunch of incomprehensible and illogical tags.

Thus, making your account interesting for readers, you will raise the number of subscribers and, accordingly, likes to photos.
I think all of you understand, that if there are any questions, you can write them down into the comments I will gladly answer all of them.

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