How to Get More Likes on Instagram: Free and Fresh Tips

From time to time people ask me about how to get more likes on Instagram. This is a pretty important question. And I will try to describe safe white methods in details in this article.

Today “the Like” rating (likes or hearts) becomes much more than just a sign of attention on social networks. This is an indicator of the success and popularity of the user, which affects the ranking in the search. The more hearts the publication has, the higher the reach and the more people will be able to see the post. Therefore, many people are so worried about how to get likes on Instagram.

Read, implement, and get more likes!!

Post at the most active hours

Here are some tips for optimizing your posting time:

  1. Publish the posts often, but not hourly, otherwise you will quickly become boring for your subscribers. On the average 4-5 posts per week will be enough, but naturally it depends on the topic.
  2. Think about the order and the quality of pictures which you are going to upload. If sometimes you don’t have enough time to share a photo, download a free tool – SMMplanner. It will help you to prepare posts in advance and publish them at a specific time.
  3. Make a habit to post photos and videos throughout the day, not late at night. The greatest peak of Instagram subscribers’ activity occurs in the evening, somewhere from 18.00 to 22.00.
  4. Stay active on Instagram after posting a photo. Respond to comments and questions.

Publishing photos at the right time will help you to get lots of likes and more followers on Instagram.

Instagram has the largest number of active users on Monday. Activity is almost unchanged on weekdays. Less user activity on Saturday.

Days with the most activity on Instagram

The best time to post on Instagram, according to the research, is in the morning and in the evening.

Best time to post on Instagram

To find out the best time to publish in your case, you can use the tool from the next paragraph.

Know your audience

It is important to know the preferences of your audience. What content and when is better to publish. Analyze your profile, use the built-in analytics on Instagram, if you want to analyze competitor pages you can use Popsters tool. The tool is useful both in the beginning for competitor analysis and adjusting the content strategy, and periodically for tracking fresh trends in content.

Analyzing content will help you find out what to post on Instagram to get likes

Using it you can find the most popular content (using multiple filters) and of course you will know what to post on Instagram to get likes.


By the way, at the end of the article you will find a video with useful additional growth hacks.


Make your photos correctly

If you want your photos on Instagram to be popular and gain a lot of likes, never be lazy to take high-quality pictures and arrange them using various filters.

Mostly, the biggest part of photo editing applications are free and it’s easy to learn how to work with them.


The most popular applications for making photos on Instagram:

  • Snapseed is a free and very voluminous photo editing application. There are various filters and settings for photo correction, turns and many other features.
  • MOLDIV is another great free post editing app for the Instagram network. It is noteworthy for being suitable for both beginners and professional photographers.
  • Prisma is one of the most popular photo editing apps today. Its essence lies in the use of various photo effects in order to give the pictures brightness and uniqueness.
  • Perfect365 – a universal program for retouching pictures. Also, with its help you can “apply makeup”. Rumor has it that even Hollywood stars use this app.
  • Vinci – one of the recently introduced to the public photo-processing applications, which has in its arsenal a lot of art effects. They will help to transform the picture and make it original.

Another effective way to attract the attention of subscribers to your photos and get more likes on Instagram is to create collages.

To make them effectively, just download any suitable free application (for example, “PhotCollage Maker – photo editor & photo collage”), select the necessary layout, background and stickers.

Popular apps for making photos on Instagram

Post the most interesting photos

No one is interested in flipping through hundreds of similar shots of salads – publish only beautiful, high-quality content that will interest your followers. Out of 100 Instagram photos, only one can get attention. The rest can be left for the home collection, but it is better to delete them immediately so that they do not occupy the phone’s memory.

So, if you still have the question, how to get more likes on Instagram, the answer is obvious – keep track of how interesting your photos are.

So what kind of photos should be, in order to stand out from others and collect as many likes as possible?

  • Photos must be unique. This means that you must publish original and unique photos, not downloaded from any source.
  • No repetition. If you have taken several good selfies in sequence, do not upload all them at once to Instagram. Choose one and publish it.
  • Beautiful and interesting shots. Take pictures in interesting, beautiful, interior places. Surprise your subscribers.
  • Take pictures with your pets. Photos with pets are usually very popular and gain lots of likes.
  • Take less photos with food. All are tired of snapshots of food. Do not publish such photos. Exception is original author’s dishes.

These are the basic tips for sharing quality content and gaining more likes. It all plays a role in how to get more likes on Instagram!

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Catchy start of post

When your subscribers flip through a feed, they only see a portion of the text you’ve written. Instagram automatically cuts it to a certain minimum. Your task is to convey to the reader the essence of the post in the first sentences of the text.

You must hook a person so that he/she wants to expand what is written. You have 125 characters before cropping. In this amount you need to fit the most important information. You can achieve the effect by writing phrases in capital letters.

What is worth publishing in Stories?

You are still wondering how to get more Instagram likes? Stories is a powerful tool which can help you to draw attention to your profile. When working with content use stories necessarily. But what to do when your imagination and creativity were barely enough to place suitable content in publications? Then in the story you can upload announcements to your posts, plans.

Use the right hashtags

Another right way to promote your Instagram page is to use hashtags.

A hashtag is a tool for promoting on the Internet, which is a tag that allows you to distribute messages on topics in blogs and social networks.

Choosing hashtags for Instagram

To make a hashtag, you need to write the keywords of your post in the description of the photo on Instagram, adding the “#” symbol in front (an example is higher in the picture).

Hashtags will help users to find the topic they are interested in and to subscribe to the instagrammers which are interesting to them.

Hashtags can be written:

  • with a capital or small letters.
  • with symbols and numbers.
  • in English or Russian.
  • without spaces between several words!!!

Here you will find more about how to use hashtags on Instagram.

To gain lots of likes on Instagram with the help of hashtags you should:

  1. Use hashtags with different keywords – this may be the place where the photo was taken, city, country, photo features.
  2. Put in the description of one photo a big number of different hashtags – in this case more subscribers will have a chance to see your photo.
  3. You can analyze hashtags and find out which ones engage your target audience the most. To do this, you can use Popsters.

Instagram hashtag analysis

Another nuance to consider: do not put too many popular hashtags under your posts. In this way your photo runs the risk of being lost among thousands of the same ones, and the amount of likes will not increase.

Use Geo location

Geotags are convenient for promotion in a certain territory. If your target audience is limited by specific geographic boundaries, then geotags are the best promotion tool.

Not everyone indicates the geotags under the publication, but in the search results, along with the accounts, hashtags and geotags are shown in the search results (if there are any on this request). Your task is only to arrange and use correctly, then your publications will be visible to a larger number of users, which means that likes will be added.

Setting up geolocation for Instagram post

The advantage of geotags is that you work directly with the target audience. Today this fact solves a lot and allows you to solve several problems at the same time: to gain a lot of subscribers and become popular.


Long-term engagement of subscribers

The more likes and comments your post received, the more reach it has. The reach affects the number of people which will see your post. Now in the feed you are seen not by 5% of subscribers, but by 5-10 times more. You can use various methods to increase activity: questions, polls, or provocation of discussion.

There is also a method that will solve this problem for a long time. To do this, you need to hold a contest for the most active subscriber of the month. You can determine the results of the contest using special tools that analyze the activity of subscribers.

Comments and audience engagement

A young, newly registered account with 2 posts and 10 subscribers is not an easy start. It is difficult to attract new subscribers with interesting content and to make them press likes when there is nothing else to attract. There is not much room for conversation.

In this case, we take all our potential as an interesting interlocutor and go to the comments under the posts of the more famous and popular accounts. Do not suffer from gigantomania, under the photo where there are already 5,000 comments, your comment may be lost. Use the discussion chat form. Comment on not only the post of the author, but also other answers to this post.


Obligatorily put likes to the commentators who answered you. Who knows, maybe they will be interested in personality and go to your profile.

If you have something to be proud of in your stream, but want more – fill out publications so that you involuntarily have a desire to answer you:

  • Open questions for open answers;
  • Ask subscribers for advice;
  • Play, organize marathons and hold contests.

Do not despair if no one immediately ran to write to you. Wait, chat in the feeds with more popular instagrammers. If you asked a question in your publication, then take the trouble to answer everyone. And it doesn’t matter how many questions have been written and whether you like them or not. You asked a question and the subscribers like attention. Be honest, nobody cares about a lie.

Write engaging captions

The posts with good text favorably affect the preservation of the audience. Important: do not try to sell “head-on”, find the problem and suggest ways to solve it. Try to put everything in plain language, without overloading your readers. The more laconic the text is written, the easier it will be to read.

Example of an engaging Instagram post

Use a call to action

Pay attention to your reaction to other people’s posts: maybe sometimes you want to comment on the post, but it seems inappropriate to you – all because the post is written in such a way that does not imply somebody’s opinion. We urge you to contact your subscribers, ask questions, ask for help with a choice or arrange a vote in the comments. According to statistics, publications with a calling to leave “likes” have 89% more marks.

Encourage people to “Tag a Friend”

To get more likes on Instagram, many people must see your posts! Be sure to ask your followers to tag their friends in the comments. You will need to provide some kind of value (education, entertainment or emotions) so that someone wants to tag a friend, but if you can do this, people cannot help but share! With the increase in the number of views, there will be more likes!

Tip: Adapting a request to a specific user works best. For example, I can say “tag a friend who has his own business! This way you can increase the chances of attracting the target user to my profile.

Here you found some tips about ways how to get more likes on Instagram, which will help you to become more popular and effortlessly get the attention of the audience and approval in the form of big number of hearts under each of your posts. And of course, get better reach and become more popular!


As you can see, there are many free ways to get more Instagram likes. Of course, for faster results, you can use sometimes paid methods, such as targeted advertising or posting on other bloggers pages. But most of the time it is better to use the methods from this article. If you have any other ways to get likes, please share them in the comments! Happy posting!

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