How to Find the Most Liked Instagram Posts in Any Profiles

The race for likes is still relevant, especially in the conditions of a smart feed focusing on ER – engagement. The more users like your posts, the more newer subscribers will see them. Many people, when creating content, are inspired by the example of famous personalities, who keep their pages on Instagram.

In this article is the overview and clear demonstration of the ways of quick searching for the most liked Instagram posts in any profiles, both in your own profile and of other users as well. I will show you many functional features which will help you to search for the best content on Instagram and to improve your skills.

In this article you will learn:

  • How to find the most liked Instagram posts in any profiles;
  • How to comparison any Instagram pages in graphical form;
  • Easy way to analysis your own most liked photos on Instagram account (free);
  • Top of the most liked Instagram posts.

Benefits from finding the most liked posts on Instagram

Due to the thoroughly scrutinizing of popular posts on Instagram groups and profiles, you can find out and do a lot of rewarding and productive things (for instance, in your power to increase the activity of your account, at first making your publication suitable to the interests of your audience).

You can examine the most liked posts on Instagram methodically and in detail to understand the reason of their popularity and then use this knowledge making publications in your groups. You can analyze other people’s profiles to find out what category of content is perceived the best. And when you need to draw attention to your product, service, or event, you will be able to adapt your advertising post).

The Popsters will help with this.

Visit the  tool. You will immediately notice that the interface is clean and devoid of any distraction. It works with a great variety of social networks (today there are 13). Main updates and support have been introduced already. And of course Instagram is among them.

Easy way to find the most liked post on Instagram

Ways it be useful:

  • Using it is very convenient to find the most liked and popular posts on Instagram pages;
  • To sort Instagram posts by likes, shares, comments, ER (publication engagement rate);
  • To filter publications by content type (photo, video, animation, text, etc.) with their following sorting;
  • To estimate and measure graphically several profiles or groups at the same time (activity analysis, etc.);
  • To select records for any period of time (filter);
  • To explore globally for the best posts in all accounts by phrase, hashtag or word;
  • To append your best-loved posts to Favorites, creating various lists;
  • To see the measured indicators of groups and profiles for the chosen period (real number of subscribers, average post / group ER per day, number of comments, etc.);
  • To look over the texts of publications in profiles using text referring;
  • To export stats into different formats such as XLSX, PPTX, PDF;
  • and other features.

That is to say, you can find quickly the “viral” posts on Instagram, the most discussed posts, publications which contain a specific word or phrase, explore other people’s groups, or your own.

Let’s take a closer look at Popsters:

Method 1

Searching for the most liked posts on Instagram

Users’ goals can be different. There is huge amount of information of various sorts on the Instagram.

Many people select popular publications on Instagram, edit them a little (at best) and then use them on other sites. Those, who wants to figure out how it works, compare, scrutinize the reasons of such a result, and then they apply this knowledge to their communities. And naturally, all this may be applicable not only to Instagram.

Let’s have a look how it works)

  1. Open the tool (
  2. Add the profile you are interested in (your own or of other owners)

You need just to insert the group’s address in the “Find” field (it can be the heading of the group or key request).

  1. Specify the period you are interested in.
  2. When the publications are loaded, you will be able to sort publications as you need: by the number of likes, comments, reposts, ER. This is the easiest way how to find most liked Instagram posts of any profiles.
  3. The access to the records is implemented in very convenient way. Simply clicking “Link” you will see the original publication.
  4. And by clicking “Add to favorites” you can add interesting records to one of your lists, or create new suitable list of favorites.
  5. Next, you can choose the filter for viewing publications by content type (photo, video, animation, text, etc.).

In the “Charts” section, you will see such a utility (for the accuracy of indicators, profiles must be downloaded for the same period):

Choosing Instagram post upload period

Graphical comparison of Instagram profiles

ER (engagement rate of pages), Likes, Comments, Shares metrics of profiles:

Comparison of any Instagram profiles in graphical form

There are more than 20 metrics in total. They are especially effective for analyzing Instagram account statistics (in any profiles both yours and of other people).


Incidentally, as Popsters supports 13 social networks already, you can find the most liked posts and conduct the same analysis of any groups and profiles in any of these social networks.


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Method 2

How to find my most liked photo on Instagram (your)

Previously, you could only track statistics on Instagram using third-party applications, since the internal functionality of the platform was completely devoid of any tools for tracking data. And at the moment, the tools of built-in traffic analytics become available for everyone who use business account.

Instagram statistics is the feature for the business. The ability to plug Instagram statistics will appear after you convert your profile to a business account. And this will help in solving the issue of how to see most liked Instagram posts on own account.

Here is an instruction of Instagram profile transformation into a business profile:

To plug a business account on Instagram:

  1. Log in to your profile.
  2. Open the additional menu by clicking on the icon with stripes.
  3. Select “Settings”.
  4. Next, touch the “Account” section.
  5. Convert your profile to a business account.
  6. Add a category and company contact information.
  7. To finish, tap the “Finish” button.

After converting to a business account you will find a new section “Statistics” in the main menu. Only the account owner can view this statistic data at any convenient time.

To do this:

  1. Go to your account.
  2. Use the icon with three stripes to go to the main menu.
  3. Select the “Statistics” point in it.

Built-in post statistics with Instagram Insights

So, what I would do if I need to find my most liked Instagram photos? I need to choose certain publications for which I want to receive a report or other metrics and compare its.

Please note that Instagram will only start accounting statistics for your account only from the moment of transformation to the business profile. Consequently, posts posted up to this point of time will not be taken into account.

If you want to know how to find most liked Instagram photos before creation business account (or on any profile), you will find the easy method in previous part of this article.


Photo and video statistics

With standard options, you also get the opportunity to see saved publications on Instagram, the number of views and likes under each publication. This is an extremely useful feature that helps you to keep track of what content your readers like the most, what kind of posts attracts more attention, likes and comments.

To track this data:

  1. Open the desired post with a photo or video.
  2. Find the link “View statistics” under it.

The analysis of my most liked posts on Instagram


A selection of the latest most liked Instagram posts

I analyzed four Instagram pages (posts from the past year), which I really like. The most popular photo among these profiles has Beyoncé.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez most likes post on Instagram at the beginning of this year


Madonna most likes photo on Instagram at the beginning of this year


Beyoncé most likes post on Instagram at the beginning of this year

Bill Gates

Bill Gates most liked photo on Instagram at the beginning of this year


The functionality of these tools does not intersect. Both of them have unique, useful features. And I am sure that thanks to them, you will have the complete picture about how to find most liked Instagram posts in few clicks.

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