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Hello! I decided to record a video review about the SMM tools for the search and the analysis of the best posts on Facebook. Here is the short explanation of what it is for those people who don’t know about this application. I think it is useful for many of us.

How to find the best posts on Facebook quickly and easily – allows you to analyze the publications in all pages on Facebook (and even in 9 social networks more), to sort them by likes, by reposts, by posts and by comments. One of the possibilities is ability to find the best publications on Facebook quickly and to compare multiple accounts by a variety of criterions. Now the new functionality was added with the update of the tool.

Easy way to find best posts on Facebook

Further there is the info about the possibilities.
You can perform the analysis both of your groups and of other people. Authorization takes place through selected social network.

For which purposes this tool can be used?

  • The analysis of content in profiles and groups on Facebook (and in 9 social networks more);
  • The search for the best Facebook posts, (now in Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Ok, Pinterest, Coub, Google + Flickr too);
  • The filtering of the posts by content type (photo, video, animation, text, etc.);
  • The use of the filter by the time period to analyze the publications for a certain time interval;
  • Adding records to Favorites for later viewing and delayed publications;
  • The jump to the original publication for exploring;
  • New. The analysis and comparison of activity in graphical form of multiple accounts (look at the button “Charts” at the top).
  • The global search through all the accounts with the ability of sorting by popularity;
  • The export of data to Excel;
  • And much more other things.

The more details you can find in the video review

In the “Charts” you will see:

Comparison of Facebook accounts in graphical form

By likes

Best Facebook posts by likes

The total number of likes all published posts on a certain day. Here we can see in graphical form the best Facebook posts by likes. All calculations have been carried out at your time zone.

By shares

Best Facebook posts by shares

The total number of shares all published posts on a certain day.

By comments

Posts on Facebook by comments

The total number of comments all published posts on a certain day.

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Facebook posts by ER

Total ER of all published posts on a certain day.

ER post by type of content

ER post on Facebook by type of content

The average ER post of posts with different types of attachments.

By Hashtags/ER

Facebook posts by Hashtags - ER

The average ER post of posts with a certain hashtag. You can click on any hashtag and then displays all the publications with him. Then you will be able to do the sorting and apply filters to these posts.

Relative activity by type of hashtags

Relative activity posts on Facebook by type of hashtags

The average relative activity of posts with a certain hashtag. You can click on any hashtag and then displays all the publications with him.

And more tnen 15 other useful metricks.

On average, the engagement rate (Er) of subscribers is much higher on Instagram than Facebook. Here are more details about how to find popular posts on Instagram + photo.

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