5 Templates of Social Media Content Plan to improve the strategy

In this article, I would like to show you an example of a content plan for social networks. In general, it can be used for any social network (with small corrections to yourself). At the end of the article you will be able to download a file with content plan template for social networks (actually there are five templates).

It is quite important to understand how to create good content for social media. So, let’s briefly figure out what a proper content plan should be. After all, you still need to fill in these templates. Because it will determine your results.

 Content of this article:

  • Why do I really need the content plan;
  • How to fill in the content plan correctly;
  • What type of content is always running;
  • My sample content plan for the Facebook group;
  • 5 social media content plan templates in Excel (template file).


And above all, why do we actually need this very content plan?

Why do I really need the content plan?

Here everything is very simple. You need social media content plan to avoid the so-called “creative crisis”. To move, you need to publish something regularly, right? And be sure that once will happen such a nasty moment when you open your laptop and realize you absolutely have no idea what to do with a new post.

The content plan gives you a clear understanding of how and at what point you will be taking a perspective for a couple of weeks or even months. When you have a plan, you do much more and you get tired much less.

Do you know what the most horrible kind of fatigue is? It’s when you’ve been doing something the whole day, and in fact, you’ve done nothing. And you’re exhausted, and you can’t sleep at night because you know that your cause has not progressed anywhere.

So. To avoid all this, we make the content plan. In the morning you wake up, immediately do the most necessary – a new post on the plan, and then the whole day you have an uplift of mental strength. Because you know for sure, you’ve done next step. And you’ve already got it green in the plan.

And to make your step wider and farther, the content plan should be properly compiled.

How to fill in the content plan correctly

To begin with, it would be nice to determine the main purpose of your progress. Do you need clients to sell your services? Or do you promote your information products and trainings? Or do you want to earn money from advertising? For each of these purposes the content plan will be slightly different.

People come to social networks for two main purposes:

  1. to have fun;
  2. to communicate.

Accordingly, you need to learn how to pack what you want to deliver to people in these two packages: entertainment and communication. Let’s say you are a PPC specialist who wants to find many expensive and free customers on social networks.

To do this, you start a group (for example, on Facebook) and start filling it with content. If you just post examples of your work and lessons about how Google Adwords works, then it certainly… will work. After all, that’s how you show your expertise. People read your posts, get credible to you, and eventually become your customers.

But it will work badly. That is, the number of participants will grow slowly, people will reluctantly repost, and will not want to participate in the development of your community actively.

What type of content is always running

The main part of the content at the initial stage should be entertainment – humor, “shock”, conflicts, interesting facts and so on. If you have less than 2-3 thousand people in a group, then the content for communication is likely to not be very good to go.

Therefore, first plan in your content plan a sufficient number of entertainment posts.

Then you can go to the conversation. At this stage, your content is not as important as the content that people will create. And people are different. As a rule, the most sociable of them are just the strangest ones. They will strive to arrange mess under each of your posts in order to attract attention to themself as much as possible.

You will have to work with them actively – to support the dispute, to deploy the conflict. The majority of the audience will silently observe and entertain themselves (remember the first goal of visiting social networks).

Next, you need to make your content plan more diverse:

  • First day – a humorous picture and analysis of an interesting case;
  • Second day – infographics;
  • Third day – question to readers;
  • Fourth day – is your feedback about a service or a book.


And so on. The more diverse is the better it works.

Well, of course you need to collect the statistics of each post – how many times liked, how many times the publications were reposted, what viral effect it turned out. By the way, to calculate the virality of a post or find viral publications, you can use the social network analytics tool https://Popsters.com.

And now I’ll show you my example of content plan, as I did it.

My sample content plan for the Facebook group

My Facebook group I promoted from scratch, without attracting any bots and programs. That is, all the members of this group are quite alive and real. And here’s a screenshot for the beginning, what my content plan looks like.

Example of Content Plan

As you can see, I did not try to do much content. One – two posts a day maximum. But I tried to make them really interesting. Here, in my opinion, the quality wins the amount. Moreover, we will not be able to win the number of millions of daily Facebook posts.

Pay attention – opposite each post, I kept a record of the number of likes, shares and comments to understand which topics and in what format are the most interesting for my audience.

Below you can download five promised content-plan templates. This template is there at number 3. I like it most of all for its simplicity and conciseness.

Look at the interesting point “Target” near each post. In theory, you need to write there – “selling a product,” “brand recognition,” or “maximum repost”. But I did not do it, because at first I had only one goal – to attract attention and new participants.

Well, now, you will find five free templates of the content-plan, as I promised.

5 social media content plan templates in Excel

As I said above, I chose an example of number 3. Sure you can give preference to other one. Here are the screenshots so you understand what you are downloading (after this photos).

Example # 1 – A professional template for a large community of Fb.

Professional template for best social media content strategy

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Example # 2 – Minimum template for the very start.

Minimum template for creating content calendar

Example #3 – My favorite template.

Favorite template for creating a content plan in smm

Example #4 – Approximately the same as second variant, but specifying the publication time.

Social media content plan template - 4th example

Example #5 – A slightly strange pattern, I could not “read” it, but let it be.

4th example of social media content strategy plan

All five templates you can download for free at this link (with Google Drive). Put down the comments, what content plan do you use, and what social network you prefer.

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