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How to Find the Most Liked Instagram Posts in Any Profiles

The race for likes is still relevant, especially in the conditions of a smart feed focusing on ER – engagement. The more users like your posts, the more newer subscribers will see them. Many people, when creating content, are inspired by the example of famous personalities, who keep their pages on Instagram.

Instagram Image Size, Best Aspect Ratio and Resolution in 2024

For each social network, there are certain standards for the size of pictures, videos and text size. If we stick to them, our content will be the quality we need. However, if you do not follow these standards, then after loading a larger image than is required, it will become fuzzy. In this article, you will find all the standard image sizes for Instagram. In addition, here are all the permissions and other parameters for video.

Instagram statistics of any account – best free ways to view stats

Today Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks with the most active users. And at the same time, Instagram doesn’t have its own statistics. How one can evaluate the effect of advertising, quality and activity of the accounts? Actually in this article you will learn how to compare several accounts, to monitor the dynamics and how to do many other things.