Instagram Image Size, Best Aspect Ratio and Resolution in 2019

For each social network, there are certain standards for the size of pictures, videos and text size. If we stick to them, our content will be the quality we need. However, if you do not follow these standards, then after loading a larger image than is required, it will become fuzzy. In this article, you will find all the standard image sizes for Instagram. In addition, here are all the permissions and other parameters for video.

15 most popular pages on Facebook, plus analysis of changes

Today Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world. Be sure here you will find pages of your favorite stars and brands. On Facebook they share their creativity, unique shots of the working process, and, of course, life moments. People can’t imagine modern world without social networks because it makes us feel that we keep abreast and keep up with the times.

9 Best BuzzSumo Alternatives – Free Powerful Content Search Tools

It’s not a secret to anybody that there is a great number of different tools which help to discover, produce and spread high-quality content. Usually we can use different platforms which allow analyzing the effect of content campaigns both on social media and beyond. BuzzSumo is well-known as a good tool which covers content and link research, social listening, and it can be the source of influence on audience. And the really big advantage is that all this can be done using only one instrument. Sure there are people which are not fully satisfied with its work. They think its search tools seem to be a bit lightweight, or its price is too high for somebody.

How to Find Videos on Facebook – 8 easy ways

Facebook gives you the opportunity to stay in contact with your friends, family members and colleagues you might not see for million years. Also Facebook is a powerful tool for promoting your business. Posting videos help both to separate your business from and to exchange the information.